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profileNaheed Qureishi

I was born in India and have been in the USA for 52 years. My Father used to teach in a college. He was number 1 in his district in Math. He was a gold medalist in bridge. He was on the Hockey Team and a great swimmer.

My Father was way ahead of his times. He made sure we all got a good education. He used to teach me Math. As a result I was ahead of the class and the girls in my class asked me for help.

At that time the choice of study for Bachelor of Science was either Biology or Math. This would separate one group for Medicine and the other for Engineering. I selected Math and scored 95-100%. My Father was so ahead of his time that we went to a co-ed school. I was the only girl in my class and in a surprise test I scored highest.

I came to the USA with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Math and a Master of Science in Physics.  Someone suggested that I learn computers. In those days, computers were room size, 7090 and 7094. Data was fed via Punchcards. You had to learn Machine language to debug. Predictions were that in a decade the computer would be a desktop. I learned Fortran 4, Fortran 2 ,PL1, Basic, Visual Basic. I worked on the Allen Babcocks terminals and digital to analog machines (1800). I learned C and Java on my own.

My work experience:

Programmer, SBC A Subsidiary of IBM , in Palo Alto.
Programmer, Syntex Corporation

A Corporate Officer of Sysorex International, Inc.

My responsibilities increased many folds when I helped start and succeed in my husband's business. As a result my only option was to learn as much on my own.

One day a discussion with a colleague gave me the idea of a Binary Clock. The idea was hushed as not a great idea. One time I was traveling and saw in a posh magazine, a very beautiful Binary Clock. I was shocked. I became obsessed with binary numbers. Then I had the Binary Candles Idea. First I thought to implement it properly would take a lot of expertise, know how, financial help, and especially time. I wrote to some famous people in Silicon Valley and got no response.

Finally I talked to my lawyer Riaz Karamali and his colleague Mike Sochol and got the idea patented. Their encouragement and suggestion to get a website on GoDaddy was golden. My daughter Leila helped me, and we got it registered on GoDaddy that same evening standing an hour or more at the kitchen counter I think in 2008.

Meanwhile I thought of hiring a student to develop the website but no time for anything. My obsession made me sit late on my desktop and think Binary. In doing so, I discovered some amazing patterns, the goal still being saving the environment and educating children. Then came the news of Bitcoins, I thought binary numbers must be taught to children earlier than later. I thought "now is the time"

I came up with a system for minimum candles called "Optimum Binary Candles". My granddaughters were an amazing help and had a good grasp of the idea. Alia at 8 years could check the number tables for me and Amna at 7 years drew the pictures of the birthday cake with candles. That made me realize children will love to learn and use.

I owe Thanks to following people:

Leila Qureishi, Mr. Jonaid Ahmed, Alia Ahmed, and Amna Ali
Mr. Riaz Karamali
Mr. Mark Sochol
Mr. David Westgate

Mr. Vaseem Anjum  (For discussing and evaluating the project several times)

Irfan  Ibrahim    (For reviewing Binary Candles and some more patent ideas)

GoDaddy and all their staff for their courteous and professional proficiency.

Last but not least , AyadiPro and its staff for building the Website so beautifully with professional expertise. I am grateful to them for the patience and perseverance they showed all along.



profileLeila Qureishi

Mom of 3 children ages 5-13
BA Math/Economics, Scripps College
MS in Industrial Engineering/ Operations Research, UC Berkeley
Statistical survey data analyst



What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?

Henry David Thoreau

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